Podcast PTA FUNK: Einfach Englisch lernen – Anticoagulants

Passend zum Titelthema Antikoagulanzien hat unsere Autorin, die geborene Britin Jane Funke, ein Beratungsgespräch vertont. So üben Sie die Aussprache der englischen Fachbegriffe. Listen and repeat!


Kind mit Megaphone: Do you speak English?
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PTA: Good morning, can I help you?

Customer: Yes, please. I’d like some ibuprofen and I have a prescription here for a blood thinning agent but I feel fine and I’d like to stop taking it. Is it really necessary?

PTA: Absolutely! Anticoagulants are only prescribed when there is a real risk of clotting that might result in severe health problems – a stroke for example. Have you had any heart trouble or thrombosis?

Customer: I’ve recently had a coronary stent inserted. It was all very straightforward. I did a clinical rehabilitation program for a couple of weeks, which I don’t think I needed.

PTA: Are you back at work now?

Customer: Yes, in fact I’m here on a business trip and I’d be much happier if I could stop the medication.

PTA: May I ask how old you are?

Customer: I’m fifty-six.

PTA: Are you under a lot of stress?

Customer: Well, I have a very demanding job.

PTA: Do you smoke?

Customer: I’m trying to give it up.

PTA: Then your doctor has prescribed abixaban for a good reason. Furthermore, an anticoagulant is indispensable for those with a coronary stent as blood vortexes might occur near to it. Yours is a modern anticoagulant that you will hardly notice once you get used to taking it.

Customer: What happens if I forget?

PTA: Either take the tablets as soon as you remember or if you don’t, wait until the next day. Don’t take a double dose. Are you taking any other kinds of medication?

Customer: I take the occasional painkiller and, in the autumn and winter, I take a herbal remedy that my wife suggested.

PTA: Does your doctor know?

Customer: No.

PTA: What is it for?

Customer: I tend to get very low, moody and lethargic when it starts getting dark early and the days are foggy.

PTA: Please make sure that it does not contain St John’s wort as that will interfere with the anticoagulant.

Customer: I am sure the main ingredient is St. John’s wort. Is there an alternative?

PTA: Those containing lavender, lemon balm and/or passion flower will not interfere with the anticoagulant but you may find that regular exercise such as yoga is a good mood enhancer. If you need further help, please contact your GP. In order to avoid interaction, always inform your physician and us or our colleagues about all medicines, vitamins and supplements you’re taking.

Customer: I have an impacted wisdom tooth that is painful and needs to come out. Is it okay to take the ibuprofen tablets?

PTA: Paracetamol would be safer; and your GP will advise you when to stop taking the tablets before any kind of invasive procedure.

Customer: Thank you. I’ve decided to continue taking the tablets. Your explanation has been very helpful.

PTA: You’re welcome. I’ll just get your prescription for you.

Customer: And some paracetamol, please.

Anticoagulants: Keep the Blood Flowing

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