Podcast PTA FUNK: Einfach Englisch lernen – Drugs in old age

(jup) Unsere aktuelle Folge der Serie English for PTA beschäftigt sich mit der Arzneimitteltherapie im Alter. Wenn ältere Menschen Medikamente einnehmen, gibt es unter Umständen viel zu beachten. Hören Sie den Dialog zwischen PTA und Kunde und frischen Sie Ihre Englischkenntnisse auf. Viel Spaß beim Zuhören.


PTA Podcast Englisch
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Customer: Good morning, I have a prescription here from my G.P.

PTA: Ah yes, an ACE inhibitor. I’ll get it for you.

Customer: Thank you. I also need some diclofenac for back pain.

PTA: Is this your first prescription for an ACE inhibitor?

Customer: Yes. I suddenly developed some heart problems and my blood pressure is higher than it ought to be. My doctor said I had only just escaped a heart attack and now I have to take tablets regularly.

PTA: Right – and what about the pain in your back?

Customer: It’s in the lower part of the back. I get it occasionally and it usually clears up on its own after a week or two. I just need a painkiller, so that I can sleep and do my everyday things.

PTA: I’m afraid diclofenac is not suitable for people with heart problems.

Customer: Oh dear. Why is that? I’ve taken it on and off for some time and it works well.

PTA: On one hand there is a risk of interaction and on the other hand these drugs could make your condition worse.

Customer: How can it do that?

PTA: It has a lot to do with metabolism and the way that diclofenac acts in the body. In the long run, your kidneys and your blood vessels could be damaged. As we get older, a lot of the body’s processes slow down or change and that’s something we all have to live with.

Customer: Oh, don’t say that! I don’t consider myself old yet.

PTA: A vast number of people in their sixties or seventies are on several medicines daily.

Customer: That’s not very inspiring.

PTA: It shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Did you know that with a customer card, any medication you take on a regular basis would show up on our monitor and you would be able to buy self-medication over the counter safely in the future.

Customer: That sounds like a good idea. So; what can I take for my back pain?

PTA: Well, you could try something topical containing comfrey or apply heat patches. Or if you think you need something more specific, you could take paracetamol.

Customer: So, paracetamol is okay?

PTA: Yes, but it must be restricted to a daily dosage that does not exceed 2 grams and you can only take it for 2-3 days at a time. If you need anything stronger, you would have to consult your G.P.

Customer: Okay, in that case, I’d like to see the topical alternatives and I’ll take a packet of paracetamol with me, just in case. I’d also like a customer card, please.

PTA: Yes, of course. One moment, please.

Customer: Thank you.

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