Podcast PTA FUNK: Einfach Englisch lernen – Mental Pressure

(jup) Das Titelthema der Januar-Ausgabe von DAS PTA MAGAZIN beschäftigt sich mit Stress, seinen Folgen und den Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Selbstmedikation. Jane Funke ist ein Native Speaker und nimmt in unserer aktuellen Episode die Rolle der PTA ein, die eine Kundin zum Thema Stress berät. Listen and repeat!


PTA Podcast Englisch
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Customer: Good morning, I wonder if you could suggest something to help me unwind? Everything seems to be getting on top of me at the moment.

PTA: Can you tell me what kind of symptoms you have?

Customer: I often feel exhausted. I have frequent headaches and trouble concentrating on my work. We’ve got a new boss and my workload has increased considerably.

PTA: Are you getting enough sleep?

Customer:  I often struggle to fall asleep. When I lie down, my thoughts start racing and I toss and turn. Sometimes I drink a glass or two of wine before I go to bed but it doesn’t always help.

PTA: Alcohol can actually stress your body more. A hot bath, a shower or listening to gentle music would be better. Are you eating well and getting plenty of exercise?

Customer:  I don’t find the time to do sports and I’ve never enjoyed cooking.

PTA: Well, there are several things that could help. Exercise stimulates certain hormones that affect how you feel and improve sleep. If you don’t find time for sports, use the stairs instead of the lift, park further away from work or get off the bus or train one or two stops earlier. Walk to the park in your lunchbreak.

Customer: Yes, I guess that would be possible.

PTA: And you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen. Antioxidants, the whole range of vitamins, especially the B-vitamins and vitamin C are good for you, so are omega-3 fatty acids They help protect your cells against damage caused by stress. You can find them in pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, fish, lean meat, nuts and vegetable oils.

Customer: What else could I try?

PTA: Stay as positive as you can. Try talking openly to a friend or a member of the family about your situation. It may do you good to get it off your chest. A relaxing activity such as yoga or controlled breathing is a good way to wind down. Alternatively, you could try something creative like painting which would also give you a sense of fulfilment.

Customer: Is there anything I could take in tablet form?

PTA: Yes, we stock tablets, liquids and teas made with extracts of medicinal plants such as passion flower, lemon balm and lavender, which would help you to relax or with valerian root and hops which would help you sleep. They are all available over-the-counter. I would recommend a combination product that contains high concentrations of the first three plants I mentioned

Customer: That sounds good. I’d like to see that, please.

PTA: Yes, of course. I’ll show you. If you find that these measures don’t help, you should consult your doctor.

Mental Pressure: A System out of Balance

Hier finden Sie ab Januar 2022 den kompletten Heftarchivartikel Mental Pressure: A System out of Balance (Ausgabe 01/2022) aus unserer Serie English for PTA.

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