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(jup) Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit: Jane Funke ist ein Native Speaker und nimmt in unserer aktuellen Episode die Rolle der PTA ein, die eine englischsprachige Kundin zum Thema Stillen berät. Die junge Mutter kommt in die Apotheke und ist besorgt, weil durch das Stillen ihres Babys die Brustwarzen wund geworden sind. Listen and repeat!


PTA Podcast Englisch
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Customer: Hello, I wonder if you could help me?

PTA: What’s the problem?

Customer: My baby was born two weeks ago and I’m breastfeeding him but my nipples are getting sore and cracked. What can I do?

PTA: That’s quite common in the early days. In most cases it’s due to not being well positioned and the baby not latching on properly. Both of you may need time to get the hang of it. Have you noticed whether his lower lip is tucked in?

Customer: No

PTA: It should be fanned outward on the breast and his mouth should be wide open. Even if you’re feeling uncomfortable, don’t remove your baby while he’s sucking. Break the action first by pressing down on your breast or by inserting a finger into his mouth.

Customer: What can I do to alleviate the soreness?

PTA: The first thing to try is to dab some of your own milk onto the nipples; it has healing properties that are ideal for soreness. You could also apply a very small amount of ultrapure lanolin. It would prevent the loss of moisture and promote healing and you wouldn’t have to remove it before feeding.

Customer: My mother said she used to blow her nipples dry with a hairdryer.

PTA: That is definitely not a good idea. The skin would dehydrate even more and damage the nipple tissue.

Customer: How can I be sure that it’s not mastitis or some other problem?

PTA: With mastitis the whole breast becomes hot and painful and it’s accompanied by flu-like symptoms. It would then be important to get help from a midwife or your doctor. In some cases, antibiotics are prescribed.

Customer: I am really scared of taking an antibiotic while I’m nursing!

PTA: I can reassure you on that account. There are several antibiotics e.g., penicillin that can be administered without any problems for the baby. On the whole, medication during breastfeeding is less harmful than during pregnancy as the drug is normally only present in the breast milk to a small extent.

Customer: That’s good to know! What else do you suggest I do?

PTA: Wear a cotton nursing bra, so that air can circulate and make sure that all traces of laundry detergent are removed. Allow your baby to feed when he wants and give each breast the same amount of nursing time each day and, most importantly, find the details of support groups in your area. That’s where you’ll find the best tips and get your confidence back.

Customer: Thank you very much. I’ll do that and contact you if I have further questions. Could I have some of the ultrapure lanolin, please?

PTA: Yes, of course

Pregnancy and Nursing: A Special Condition

Hier finden Sie den kompletten Heftarchivartikel Pregnancy and Nursing: A Special Condition (Ausgabe 05/2022) aus unserer Serie English for PTA.

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